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Spring is in the air, as clearly shown by the activity of the NFC-tag producers. NXP and Identiv have launched a new NFC tag inlay. The new inlay is composed of the NXP’s cost-optimized NTAG 210µ chip with an antenna, epoxy glue and the choice of PET film or adhesive backing. The inlays can be embedded in graphic products as consumer packaging, beauty care, spirits and ticketing. The NFC-tag can fulfill advanced packaging functions as counterfeit protection, customer loyalty programs and data collection.

Fig The new NXP/Identiv NFC tag inlay.

At the IDTechEx conference in Berlin, the clipping point for massive adoption in the smart packaging market was set to 0.01$. With this price setting luxury packaging goods are within range, for the fast-moving consumer goods further price dropping is needed.

Fig. The clipping point for massive adoption of RFID/NFC-tags in smart packaging (source: IDTechEx 2018, Berlin).