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VIGC is a non-profit organization that has its roots in graphic printing. It was established as a response on the upcoming changes in the printing industries in the nineties. The Flemish graphic industry was supported by color certification programs, print standardizing projects and active work in the Ghent PDF-workgroup.  In the participation with printing research networks like iarigai for example, new printing applications were detected: conductive inks, functional layers, printed batteries. In 2016, VIGC organized the ‘High-tech printing technology’ event and in 2017 the first introduction course on printed electronics was held. In 2018, the Flemish Agency for Innovation & undertake recognized these developments and gave supports for further activities in the field of functional and ‘connected’ printing. This has resulted in this valuable source of information with updated news, whitepapers, conference reports and events & courses on the subject. Happy reading!

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The VIGC office is located at Campus Blairon in Turnhout, Belgium. Originally the buildings were army barracks, they were built in 1938. It didn’t take long before WW II broke out and the barracks fell into the hands of the Germans. After the war, the barracks served as a training and education center for the Belgian army. When the conscription was abolished in 1994, the building was given a relocation as Campus Blairon.


Today the VIGC staff uses these offices to organize activities in the field of printing and PDF data delivery, with recently added services as functional and ‘connected’ printing. In our application lab, print quality testing services are available.


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